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Kindle Scout - the program where Amazon gives readers a voice in who gets published was both my nemesis and my friend. Last December I entered On The Dotted Line through Kindle Scout and after a month of having one of the worst anxiety attacks I can remember I wasn't selected.

I went on to publish Dotted through Irksome Rebel Press and the book has seen much success and it was freeing to finally be in charge of my own destiny.

But Kindle Scout was still there, the great what if...

Something drew me to this program more than the great agent quest or search for a "Big 5" publisher.

Plainly put...I wanted it.

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Enter Typecast, my baby, the love of my life, the first book in the Hollywood Stardust series which I have toiled over for quite some time.

Typecast represented freedom to me from a past with writing people I wanted to forget. Typecast dodged a bullet because I wasn't done with it when I was going through my "I have to have a publisher phase." Simply put Typecast was mine, 100 percent and no one could take it away from me.

Isn't that the kind of book that deserves to be put up for nomination in one of your life's great what ifs?

Well, either way I thought so and I entered it and tried not to be a psychopath about it. However it is me and I sort of had to be a little psychopath about it. (Some would say a lot psychopath)

So I did my thirty day promotion and hoped for the best. Honestly I thought I did pretty good up until the time where I was supposed to hear if I won or not. I think I may have got caught in a glitch because where most people hear within two days I didn't hear until day four.


Drum roll.....

I was selected!! (Cue big band here and shining golden light).

Then I was contacted by Amazon and made all official and even put into the Kindle Scout winners facebook group (you know its real when you are in the facebook group).

Honestly, I was so sure I wasn't going to win that I planned an entire release for Typecast. (Oops)

Thankfully I did have a backup plan in the form of another story (Pieces of Three) that was edited and ready to go. I wasn't sure that an author should keep a spare story on hand, but now I am seeing that it can be quite useful. This story was another bullet dodger, so it appropriate that it take over my May 15th release while I wait to see what Kindle Press has in store for me.

So the moral to the story is...

1. Never give up on what ifs...

2. Be glad every once in a while you dodge bullets...

3. Keep a spare story.

4. Don't give up.

I will keep you all updated on how this goes down, but I'm ready for the journey!

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